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How Long Does it Take to Finish Building My Granny Flat?

Although we have a speedy 10 day approval process in place clients need to realise that it takes about two weeks for us to prepare and submit the application. The entire building process takes between 10 to 12 weeks dependent on the size and type of granny flat you wish to be built. A 60 m brick veneer granny flat for example, would take the full 12 weeks.

Suitable weather conditions also need to be factored into the build time as a week of to rent shall reign would definitely hold the project up. We achieve a site lock-up within 2 weeks and from here all of the internal work can be carried out. After the builders have finished constructing all of the internal inclusions and have connected the utilities your granny flat will be ready for inspection and hand over.

The final inspection of all our granny flats is carried out by a private certifier to ensure that it complies with occupational standards and guidelines. When the entire process goes smoothly and without interruptions we can usually finish the construction of your new granny flat in just under 10 weeks.

How Much Can I rent out a New Sydney Granny Flat for?

Rental estimates are always speculative and no one can tell you exactly how much rent you can expect to achieve from putting your new granny flat on the rental market. On average however, modern granny flats in Sydney can fetch anywhere between $300-$520 rental income per week dependent on the size of the granny flat, the suburb that the granny flat is located in, and the quality of the internal inclusions that the customer has opted to build.

Can Granny Flats Be Built in Any Sydney Suburb?

Although there are certain restrictions which apply to different block sizes and layouts it is still legal to build granny flat in any suburb of Sydney provided that your property complies with the minimum requirements. The approval process via the local Council is quite easy provided your property meets the qualifying criteria. The first step to check whether your property is eligible to have a granny flat built on it is to obtain a section 149 planning certificate from your local council which will cost you approximately $130.

Can Battle-axe Blocks Have Granny Flats Built on Them?

Yes, provided your property meets the required criteria. All Battle-axe blocks require a lane way with a minimum width of 3m. Provided that this requirement is met and the block size where you actually want to build the granny flat is a minimum size of 12 m x 12 m, not including the lane way with, then it is perfectly legal to build a Sydney granny flat.

Can You Build My New Granny Flat Using My Designs?

We can build granny flats from any design specs. We take your design plans and present them to our architects to double check for compliance and viability. Provided that the designs comply with building code regulations, we can easily construct a beautiful granny flat from designs and plans that you provide.

Do I Have To Use My Local Council to Get Approval?

Although it is possible to get approvals for granny flats via your local council it is not a legal requirement that you do so. Approvals can also be secured via accredited private certifiers in much shorter timeframes. We can secure approval for your new granny flat via obtaining a complying development certificate from our private in-house certifiers in under 10 days.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approval?

Obtaining an approval via local Council can take between 6 to 8 weeks. This is where complete granny flat builders makes your job much easier as we can get approvals passed in under 10 days. In certain situations some properties fail to comply with the minimum requirements. In these situations it’s still better for us to lodge The ‘Development Application’ (DA Approval) for you. We understand what is required to get DA Approvals passed and our applications are rarely rejected.

Can I Make Changes to the Floor Plans You Offer?

The modular design floor plans we offer are infinitely customisable. Although of we’ve done our best to create practical and functional living areas there may be some elements that you wish to be excluded or included. Throughout the design consultation our in-house architects can easily make changes to existing floor plans to suit your requirements.

Difference Between Building Granny Flat and a Cabin?

Granny flats comply with residential dwelling requirements whereas Cabins do not. A Cabin is classified as a small dwelling and has limited amenities. Cabins cannot legally be rented out or occupied as residency.

Do You Build Granny Flats That Are Handicapped Friendly?

We take pride in being able to facilitate accommodation to people with special needs. We will gladly modify or draft new designs to make accommodations for people with disabilities. In situations like this we modify the porches to include ramps instead of stairs, we make all doorways and entry points wider and we ensure that adequate safety grab rails are placed in all the required positions throughout the granny flat.

Are There Any Extra Hidden Costs When Building?

Our pricing structure & initial quote contains all associated costs. Our granny flats are always constructed on a fixed price basis without hidden costs. All fees and charges are made completely transparent during the initial phases of the contract negotiations.

Should I Build My Granny Flat from Brick or Timber?

The most important thing to consider with your new granny flat is the type of floor plan you choose. Provided that the internal layout meets your requirements and all of the internal inclusions are beautifully finished, the exterior construction of your granny flat will be of little importance.

There are a myriad of advantages and disadvantages between using timber and brick. Despite what most people think, building granny flat in full brick veneer isn’t that much more expensive than using a timber construction. Using timber or brick comes down to personal preference however timber granny flats are always less expensive to build than full brick veneer.

How Much Will It Cost to Build My Granny Flat?

By using our pricing guide which can be found here, you’ll be able to obtain a rough pricing structure. Provided that your block has no irregularities such as excessive undulations or large tree stumps than the pricing structure of your new granny flat will be as per our pricing table.

No two granny flats are ever quite the same and the majority of our clients always opt to make small changes from our proposed layout. Sometimes these changes, such as adding upgraded inclusions, increase the price. However, sometimes clients want to reduce costs as much is possible and this can also be done by modifying some of the inclusions that come as standard.

How Big Does my Block of Land Have To Be?

Your property must be a minimum of 450m² to be eligible for a granny flat. There are also a myriad of other compliance requirements however provided your property is larger than the minimal square meterage then building a granny flat is easily possible.

All of your property’s setback requirements are outlined in the ‘ State Environmental Planning Policy‘ legislation (SEPP 2009).

What Is the Maximum Size My Granny Flat Can Be?

The maximum floor space or living area size granny flat can be 60m². This does not include the patio surrounds or the porch area. The actual size of your granny flat could be up to 80 or 90 m² but the internal living space cannot be greater than 60 m².

Do Builder Have to Be Licensed to Build Granny Flats?

As per the the Building Code all tradesmen who build granny flats must be licensed builders.


Approval Process

1.Our licensed in-house certifiers can secure you a fast 10-12 day building approval & we can also get easy D.A. Approvals too.

Amazing Designs

2.All of our modern modular designs have functional & practical layouts & they can be customised during the design process.

Quality Construct

3.During the construction process you’ll witness what efficient & high quality granny flat building is all about. Exception finishes are standard.

Final Handover

4.We perform a final inspection with the certifier to ensure that every single facet of your new granny flat is perfectly built.